Nov 21, 2018



I wish Slivers would become a top tier deck. AwesomeMrJ and a few others helped me (by "helped me" I mean they did it for me) come up with a fun tier 2-3 Sliver deck.


So, I bring it to you and I ask, what updates or changes would you make to it? This was made back in March of 2018. 4 Attune with Aether

4 Harnessed Lightning

2 Nissa, Steward of Elements

4 Metallic Mimic

4 Venom Sliver

4 Leeching Sliver

4 Diffusion Sliver

4 Belligerent Sliver

4 Constricting Sliver

3 Sliver Hivelord

4 Sliver Hive

4 Unclaimed Territory

4 Aether Hub

4 Botanical Sanctum

1 Frontier Bivouac

2 Forest

1 Mountain

1 Swamp

1 Plains

1 Island

Magic, The final frontier

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